Thursday, 13 January 2011

Today's progress

Started early this morning and now have four new pieces on the go.....although 2 might become one. They are the two smaller canvasses that I am aiming to use the palette I used on the commissioned pieces. For me, there are some legs left yet in the turqouise, vermillion and black combinations that came out of the client work.

The other 2 pieces are the largest canvasses that I have worked on yet. 40 x 40 inches and I love the sense of freedom and thus the extra boldness it gives me in making marks.
The bluey/turquoise piece is at a sort of underpainting stage. The process I am using here differs from the client work just finished and the smaller canvasses above in that I am waiting for each thin layer of acrylic and water to dry before applying another. This is slowly building up the "curtain" of texture I want, then I am already imagining the lines and forms I want appearing through and on top of this area.

The second larger piece has started in a really exciting way, the space available has really given me some new inspiration and I took the initial idea of using black printing ink rolled onto the canvas from a small cropped section of some images I created in the summer and then cut up.

Cropping images that I have created but that didn't meet the grade for me is a great way of finding new possibilities for comps.
This second large canvas is going to be all about establishing contrasts and allowing colour,form and line to sing against each other.

All the pieces will probably at present continue to hold themes of fauna, flower, moisture, rain for me.

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