Thursday, 27 January 2011

Forest Dawn.Acrylic, ink, canvas. 35" x 35". 1.5" deep.

Forest Dawn, originally uploaded by P Brown.

This week the work started going in fresh directions. My use of white space is at an end for the moment as I start to fill the whole canvas with colour.

The blacks were the last element to be added.

I am pleased because without really thinking about it I have returned to a favourite theme of mine - that of exotic jungles, forests and the play of light through trees and foliage.
The colour palette is similar to character illustrations I have done in the last year too. I always seem to end up using "edible" colours!

This painting is part of a set I have started called "Jungles" as a loose theme. Colour is the driving force behind these pieces and the gestures and various marks I use direct the colour in different ways. Each piece has a different feeling as a result and I hope they will ellicit strong feelings in those who view them. It is really all I want from this work.

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