Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Progress on new work

The first day went really well. I am impatient for results but find that if I work in short bursts and then leave things to "settle" for a bit, I return with fresh eyes and see things that I didn't half an hour back!

I have started juxtaposing the four pieces I have on the go, to see what tensions and dynamics occur. I find it a challenge to remain fluid and impartial - each time I repair or reposition the pieces, new possibilities appear. I am finding it a wonderful way to work - there is a design process here as well as a purely visceral application of paint.

I am making changes to the composition in response to the juxtapositions I am seeing. This means that where one canvas seemed strong as a standalone piece, adding a gesture or mark in response to the content of its close neighbour takes it to a new place visually. As I move the pieces around, repositioning and arranging, its easy to add new elements where it seems right.......indeed, just rotating a piece in relation to the others creates a whole new composition each time.

Theme - wise, things are staying consistent. Flower shapes and organic forms/lines once again dominate and I am pleased that the sense of playfulness from previous work is still present. The use of white space has a stronger role to play than in, say, the San Diego paintings and I like that alot. Letting the marks breathe on the canvas keeps the pieces developing in a light, happy manner. Me like!

I can see the final pairings for the 2 big client pieces taking time. I am also not sure whether attaching the pairs flush to each other is going to be necessary - I have been playing with placing them with a 3 inch gap between them.....they still work as unit but the gap really opens up space and possibility in the visual interface.......listen to me! You're really in trouble when you start using phrases like "visual interface"! Ha!

Will post results soon.

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