Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Acrylic and ink on canvas 62 x 30"

Acrylic and ink on canvas, originally uploaded by P Brown.

Well, the 2 commissioned pieces are FINISHED! I am so happy as the client really loves them. It is such a satisfying feeling to think that these are going to a person who values them in a less commercial manner than my illustration work perhaps.

I can't wait to see photos of them in the yoga room my client had them commissioned for.

The design of these pieces is a process I am particularly happy with. Letting each canvas develop both on its own and then in comparisons and juxtapositions with the other three. It really made the whole process not just about putting paint down, but about framing, re-framing, re-connecting from different viewpoints and contexts and just letting the work form more freely than if I had simply set out to paint one at a time.

Now I am really fired up for the next pieces and the exhibition at the end of the month!

Just wish it would stop raining!

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